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Company Profile
For many years, Everskilled International has been committed to the manufacture of mechanical and electrical equipment, automotive air-conditioning components, air filter equipment and component materials, food machinery industry, etc.. Agent distribution import and re-export business, based on and deeply cultivated in the domestic and overseas markets.
The main products sold are widely used in:
Electric energy equipment Automatic control equipment for electrical equipment Rail/Marine Transporation 
Automotive air-conditioning Environmental pollution prevention and control facilities Air-conditioning machinery
Clean room related equipment    

And so on across the industrial chain of different industries. Provide products with price and quality advantages to customers, enhance the competitiveness of customers' products, and establish good customer relationships at the same time.
Adhering to the spirit and principles of ``serving customers first'' and ``focusing on integrity'', as the cornerstone of the company's sustainable development
Give customers a full sense of trust. With the collocation of the diverse professional product lines of Everskilled International, we provide customers with complete solutions and provide high-quality services that exceed customer expectations. Since Everskilled International has long-term close cooperation with Japanese companies, it has also actively negotiated with other manufacturers to expand the services of other product lines, providing customers with diversified choices and serving customers' different needs.